To join SITCPLA, download the form:

nuevo formulario afiliación 070120 EN

Once the form is downloaded, fill it in, sign it and send it to [email protected] attaching a photocopy of your ID.


Have you changed of bank?

Please, download here the SEPA document, fill it in, sign it and send it to [email protected]


10 reasons to join SITCPLA

1. We defend your rights since 1986. Our 30 years’ experience is at your entire disposal.

2. We know what we are talking about. Our union representatives are experts in the collective bargaining agreements of their respective airlines.

3. Your membership gives us strength. It is easy to support a better defense of the Cabin Crew rights: simply join us! The antiunion rhetoric only favors the airline industry interests.

4. We work with reliable attorneys at law. We win more than 70% of our lawsuits in courts.

5. Labor laws are so aggressive that it is essential to be protected, being a member of a union with long experience, knowledgeable in the tricky aeronautical regulations (UE-OPS, FTL, etc.).

6. We are the only professional Cabin Crew union in Spain which is member of the ETF (European Transport Workers’ Federation) and the ITF: we must respond globally with strong unions to the global challenges in the airline industry.

7. Because joining SITCPLA you will have full access to the best health and loss of license insurances available, together with other perks, at advantageous prices. Besides, the union fee is deductible from the tax base in your tax declaration.

8. Because SITCPLA is the only Cabin Crew professional union that stands only for the interests of the Cabin Crew, and has proved unyielding in front of interferences from other groups.

9. Because it is risky to trust raw amateurs, emerged from the social networks, whose lack of experience can jeopardize the stability of our jobs.

10. It is about time to take a step ahead in the unity of the Cabin Crew collective, in your protection as a worker, and in building a stronger union, which represents us Cabin Crew all. Join SITCPLA!.

C/ Alaró 3, local. 28042 Madrid
91 032 79 71
Lunes a viernes de 9:00 a 14:00
[email protected]